OA Troop Representative Adviser

OA Troop Representative AdviserThe adviser to the Troop Representative assists the youth Representative so that he might succeed in his role as the communication and programmatic link between the unit and the Lodge or Chapter. The adviser helps to include the OA ideals and activities in the program of the troop. By setting a good example, the adviser enhances the image of the Order as a service arm of the unit


Adviser to the OA Troop Representative Duties:

  • Supports the youth he or she advises, helping him to fully understand the needs of the troop and the elements of the lodge and chapter structure that are responsible for support to the unit
  • Promotes the incorporation of OA ideals into the advancement program of the unit, in Scoutmaster conferences, boards of review, and courts of honor. Promotes recognition of members who have completed their Ordeal, achieved Brotherhood, been inducted onto Vigil Honor membership, or have been presented with awards on behalf of the lodge and the Order.
  • Attends lodge and chapter meetings with the youth he or she advises
  • Insures that the OA Representative has the necessary transportation.
  • Helps the Lodge, Chapter, or Extended Elangomat in insuring that messages and documents regarding the achievement of Brotherhood reach Ordeal members in the troop and works with the OA Troop Rep to asses their impact.
  • Assists the OA Representative in providing feedback to the Lodge or Chapter the reaction of the unit and its OA members to the success of the OA programs which affect the unit, including Ordeals, unit elections, call-outs, camp promotion visits, meetings, and service projects.
  • Assists with leadership skills training in the troop.
  • Encourages Arrowmen to assume leadership positions in the troop.
  • Sets a good example.
  • Enthusiastically wears the Scout uniform correctly.
  • Lives by the Scout Oath, Scout Law and OA Obligation.
  • Shows Scout spirit.


  • An Assistant Scoutmaster or Troop Committee Member at least 21 years old
  • Appointed by the Scoutmaster with approval of the Troop Committee Chairman.
  • OA Member in good standing

Reports To:

  • Scoutmaster

Articles and Resources for the OA Troop Rep Adviser

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